Theatre, Dance, Film posters by David Lester

A Comix Tale poster, 1990 (Axis Mime Theatre)

Iceberg Lettuce, 1992 (Touchstone Theatre)

Love & Human Remains, 1991 (Touchstone Theatre)

Augustine poster, 1999 (Pink Ink Theatre)

Confessions, 1991 (Tamahnous Theatre)

Dance Festival brochure, 1992 (Firehall Arts Centre)

Erotic poster, 1995 (Touchstone Theatre)

Dance poster, 1992 (Firehall Arts Centre)

Festival of Art & Social Change, 1992 (Mayworks)

Mom & Dad I'm Living with a White Girl, 1996 (Firehall Arts Centre)

Terminal City Ricochet, film poster, 1990 (E. Motion Films)

Super 8: Moving Image as Art, 1988 (Pitt International Galleries)

Contemporary Dance Festival, 1991 (Firehall Arts Centre)

Fresh Talk, sex educational film for youth, 1992

The Number 14, 1992 (Touchstone Theatre)

Hard Core Logo LIVE, 2010 (November Theatre)

Lola MacLaughlin Dance, 1992 (Firehall Arts Centre). Photo by Daniel Collins.

Sled by Judith Thompson, 1997 (Touchstone Theatre)

The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence, 1994 (Firehall Arts Centre). Photo by Esther Rausenberg

New Play Festival, 1991 (New Play Centre)

Vigil by Morris Panych, 1995 (Arts Club Theatre). Drawing by Ken MacDonald

New Play Festival, 1995 (New Play Centre)

5 Blood Alley, 1990 (Tamahnous Theatre)


2 Responses to “Theatre, Dance, Film posters by David Lester”

  1. Maria Insell Says:

    I like your posters & didn’t realize you did Terminal City Ricochet. That’s so great.

    • inspiredagitators Says:

      Thanks so much. I actually forget about certain posters I’ve designed because so much other work has been made since, But then, I stumble across a piece and I’m reminded of how much time went into creating that poster. How, in the moment, my world revolved around that design.

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