25 sketches in 25 days

Janet Pants, Battle Ground, WA

Anna Oxygen, Los Angeles


Clean Girl (Aimee), Arcata, CA

Clean Girl (Courtney)

Franklin Bruno, New York

Itai Faierman, Los Angeles

Katie Degentesh, New York

Kris Special (Anne)

Kris Special (Nick)

Magic Johnson (Ana)

Magic Johnson (Mando)

Past Lives (Devin)

Past Lives (Jordan), Seattle, WA

Picture Books (Erik), DC

Pillows (Jessica), San Francisco

Pillows (Julia), San Francisco

Prince Rama of Ayodhy (Tara), Providence, RI

Sparse Paisley, Turner Falls, MA

Talkdemonic (Kevin), Portland, OR

Talkdemonic (Lisa), Portland, OR

The Five Cents (Matt), New York

Tom Greenwood, Portland, OR

Triple MMM Archive (Michelle), Turner Falls, MA

Weinland, Bellingham, WA

Beloved Binge (Eleni), Durham, NC

During our 25th Anniversary Mecca Normal tour in 2009, I sketched many of the people we played with. Thanks to all of you who performed and all of you who came out to see the shows.


One Response to “25 sketches in 25 days”

  1. These are so excellent!!

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